Soft tissue grafting is often necessary for repairing the damage caused by gum recession or defect after an extraction or infection. With a soft tissue graft, missing gum mass can be replaced for better aesthetics and to improve the success of dental implant surgery, if needed.  During soft tissue grafting, the gum tissue is often taken from the roof of your mouth this can feel like a Pizza burn afterwards or by creating a flap that will be used to cover the exposed portion of tooth or implant.  


Bio-Oss® and Bio-Gide® are natural products, much like human tissue, and are used to promote new bone formation and tissue healing. Initially they are incorporated into the tissues during the healing process then the body gradually breaks them down.

Both Bio-Oss® and Bio-Gide® are approved for dental use by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA). It has been used globally for over 25 years and proves the most biocompatible grafting material.  These products do not affect your ability to donate blood via Australian Red Cross.

Bio-Oss® is made from the mineral components from the bones of specially selected Australian cattle, with all of the organic components are removed during the manufacturing process leaving just the calcium compounds. The Bio-Oss acts as a scaffold for the body to form new bone at the site.

Bio-Gide® is a membrane derived from pig collagen. The Bio-Gide® acts as a protective barrier for the grafted site and the natural protein structure of the Bio-Gide® aids in wound healing.

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