Holiday Dentistry & the impact of COVID19

Whilst we have always taken the ability to travel as something “normal”, with COVID19 pandemic world wide this has thrown huge challenges at us all. As a Specialist Practice we have noticed an increase in patients seeking to complete their treatment with us as they can no longer return to the country they had the

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Trefoil Researcher visits from Zurich

It has been an absolute pleasure hosting Dr Lennart Ivarsson, Global Head of Research at Nobel Biocare Zurich. Visiting our Center as part of the Trefoil project for rehabilitation of the edentulous mandible. We are now in our fourth year of study with our patients 100% success rate.

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Holiday Dentistry

Being a Specialist Prosthodontic Practice, we have a large number of patients referred to us for complex treatment by our colleagues. Increasingly we now have them referred for replacement or correction of failed dental treatment, which in the majority of cases was done overseas for those seeking a “cheaper ” option. There are many issues

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Grand Opening of The Brånemark Center

We were very honoured to have guest speaker Dr Tomas Albrektsson from Sweden, Inaugural visiting Brånemark Fellow, officially open our center and our first “Scientific Programme” in our newly opened Prof. Patrick Henry Lecture Theatre, on 27th June 2018.  It was with much pleasure that we were able to spend so much time showing our

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Left to right: Dr Graham Carmichael, Prof Patrick Henry, Clin A/Prof Glen Liddelow and guest speaker Dr Tomas Albrektsson from Sweden.

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