Dental Implants

Currently over 5 million Brånemark implants have been placed worldwide with 93% of these in function. The system has restored not only the patients appearance and function, but in many cases, an increased sense of self-confidence and self-esteem has resulted from having a fixed dentition.

The implants are placed under sterile conditions with a gentle surgical technique. Much of the equipment used is disposable and used once only, to ensure absolute sterility and quality control. The implants can be placed either under local anaesthesia at our West Perth rooms or under general anaesthesia. Placements under general anaesthesia are carried out at a day stay clinic, we operate out of two centres, Southbank Day Surgery and McCourt Street Day Surgery. We aim to provide the highest quality professional dental care. All staff are educated and trained in infection control procedures. During treatment of patients all staff wear disposable gloves and masks. All instruments are sealed and sterilised using autoclave after each and every patient to prevent cross infection.

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