All-on-4® & Trefoil™


The Brånemark Center has been providing All-on-4® treatment for the rehabilitation of the lower jaw for the past twenty five years. Clin A/Prof  Glen Liddelow has been in the research team with Nobel Biocare Switzerland and a team of international investigators led by Dr Kenji Higuchi in the development of a new method for providing a fixed rehabilitation for the lower jaw that would be both faster and cheaper. This involves using a pre-manufactured framework on three larger implants (Trefoil™) so that the customisation and higher component costs could be substantially less. 

All the clinicians at the Brånemark Center have been involved in an international multi-center trial since 2016. The results have been outstanding with 100% success over the years at our clinic. 

Whilst this development is exciting and provides another treatment modality for a greater number of patient in this predicament, it currently is applicable to around 80% of the population that have the required jaw volume and shape. A more customised solution, such as All-on-4® is applicable, at our centre, to around 99% of the population.

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