Tooth whitening or bleaching is a simple, safe and effective way to brighten your smile. Tooth discoloration can occur from within the tooth due to medications, developmental factors and root canal treatment or externally from food, drinks and smoking. There are different whitening procedures offered at our practice and your clinician can recommend the most appropriate for you. It is recommended you have your teeth professionally cleaned prior to commencing the tooth whitening procedure to remove surface stain and ensure the gums are healthy.


This procedure is carried out in our rooms and usually takes just over an hour. The procedure involves carefully isolating the teeth and protection of the gum tissues, followed by the application of of a peroxide based whitening agent onto the tooth surface which is then activated with a special light. The results are immediate and can be maintained with the periodic use of the take home kit.


This method of tooth whitening involves having impressions of your teeth taken, from which customized trays are fabricated in our laboratory. The trays are made to accurately fit your teeth and hold the bleaching solution over the teeth whilst avoiding the gum tissues. A small amount of bleaching solution is placed into the trays and worn for an hour a day for approximately ten to fourteen days until the desired results are achieved. Your clinician will go through the use of the kit in detail to ensure you understand the application process. The results can be maintained with periodic top up applications, as advised by your clinician.


This procedure is carried out to whiten severely discoloured teeth following root canal treatments. The procedure involves internal application of a whitening solution, and can take a number of visits to achieve the desired results.