Explanation to Dentist

When referring a patient to our practice for specialist treatment, we request you prepare a detailed letter outlining the reason for the referral, a brief history of the tooth/ teeth in question and, if referring for implant rehabilitation, please outline whether you would like to complete the prosthetic phase of the treatment yourself or, if the case is complex or of particularly high aesthetic demand, you would prefer to have all of the treatment carried out here.

Along with the referral letter we request radiographic imagery also. For restorative treatment an OPG will suffice, however, if referring for implant rehabilitation, a Cone Beam Scan or CT Scan is required. Should teeth required extraction, ideally the site should be left to heal for three months prior to the scan, unless immediate placement could be a possibility, in these cases a scan with the tooth in situ is acceptable.

If you have photographs or study models, these may be useful at the initial consultation appointment also.

Please ensure you forward this information to us prior to your patients appointment or have your patient bring them to their consultation appointment. Alternatively, you can send through your referral through our Medical history form.

Explanation to Patient

Generally, you will be referred to our practice by your regular dentist for specialised dental treatment.

Please contact our reception staff to arrange a consultation appointment.

Please ensure you bring with you to your initial appointment the referral letter from your dentist as well as any relevant x-rays or scans, if your dentist has not sent these through to us already.

If you are “self-referred” or not arranging the appointment as per your dentists request, please be aware it may be necessary to have a secondary consultation should further radiographic imagery be required to determine appropriate treatment options.