Being a specialist prosthodontic practice, we have a large number of patients referred to us for complex treatment, but also increasingly, for the replacement or correction of failed dental treatment, which in the majority of cases, is for those who have sought “cheaper” dental treatment overseas.

There are many issues with seeking cheap dental treatment overseas which unfortunately can be very difficult, time consuming and expensive to rectify. In some cases, where teeth have been over-prepared for cosmetic treatment such as veneers or crowns, the damage caused to the teeth is irreversible.

Many clinics outside of Australia offer cheap dental treatment because they are using cheap materials, usually with poor results, or implant systems not approved in Australia. When trying to correct complications that arise when such systems are used, if information regarding the system used or components for the system cannot be located, often the implants need removal and replacement, which in some cases also involves the need for bone grafting in order to do so. What in many cases was a routine procedure now becomes far more complex due to the damage caused by the “cheaper” alternative.

In Australia there are strict infection control protocols and guidelines which must be adhered to, this may not be the case in other countries.

If you are unable to drink the tap water, do you really want to undergo a surgical procedure?