& Treatment Planning

As we are a specialist prosthodontic practice, we look at your dental needs in a holistic manner. This allows us to determine the treatment options which will give you the most satisfactory, long term aesthetic and functional results, without compromising the integrity of the underlying or surrounding teeth.

When formulating a treatment plan for your individual needs there are a number of diagnostic tools that may be applicable, these include:

–   Radiographic imagery e.g. OPG x-ray, Cone Beam scan, CT scan.

–   Photographs

–   Impressions/ moulds of your teeth/ jaws

–   Jaw relations and bite registration

–   Study models

–   Diagnostic work up

These diagnostic tools allow you to gain a better understanding of the proposed treatment and a clear image of what to expect with the final results.

Once a treatment plan has been established, you will be issued with a detailed letter outlining the aspects of the proposed treatment, treatment timing and appointment schedule, an estimation of the fees and relevant item numbers involved. Should you have any queries regarding your treatment, please direct them to our treatment co-ordinator or alternatively arrange an appointment to discuss your queries.

In some situations it may be necessary for additional dental procedures to be carried out prior to commencing treatment such as periodontal therapy for your gums, orthodontics to move the teeth, root canal treatment or tooth whitening.