Consultations are generally on a referral basis. Upon arrival, please check in with our reception staff and provide them with the referral letter and radiographs if your referring dentist has not done so already.

The reception staff will request you complete a Medical History form, this can be accessed via our website should you wish to complete it prior to your appointment. DOWNLOAD

During the initial consultation a comprehensive examination of your face, teeth, gums, soft tissues, bite and jaw relationship is carried out. You will be asked what your desired outcomes and expectations are in relation to your dental needs. Once all of the relevant information has been gathered, an assessment will be made for the most successful long term treatment options for your individual needs.

A detailed treatment letter will be issued to you, usually within a week, explaining the treatment options put forward with a breakdown of the timing, an estimation of the fees and relevant item numbers.

A report will be forwarded to your referring dentist with an explanation of the findings and proposed treatment plan.