make overs

An aesthetic make over or smile make over can provide confidence and an elevation of self esteem. It could be as simple as a course of  teeth whitening or the reconstruction of an aesthetically poor dentition with individualized ceramic restorations such as porcelain veneers  or crowns  and the replacement of missing or unrestorable teeth with dental implants . There are many factors to consider in order to achieve the desired results, as no two mouths are the same, it is important a thorough diagnostic assessment is carried out prior to commencing treatment.

In some cases to achieve the best possible outcome it may be necessary to involve other disciplines of dentistry such as Orthodontics to reposition misaligned teeth, Endodontics for root canal treatments or Periodontics for the treatment of gum disease prior to carrying out cosmetic treatments.

It is important to take into consideration your bite, clenching or grinding habits, the health of the existing teeth and gums, ongoing maintenance and most importantly your expectations when considering which is the most appropriate treatment to give you the best long term results without compromising the health of the teeth and preserving natural tooth structure. Being a specialist prosthodontic practice, we do not take short cuts to give you a quick fix solution.

We have our laboratory onsite therefore the technician can meet with you during the treatment phases and your clinician can discuss with them the treatment requirements and monitor the fabrication of your restorations allowing the best possible results to be achieved.


 All ceramic crowns

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Crowns and implants to get rid of partial denture

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Before After


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