Why would I choose to have my treatment carried out by a prosthodontist?

As a prosthodontist has undergone years of additional intensive training and education, and a prosthodontist is a recognised dental specialist, unlike “cosmetic dentists”, you can be assured you are receiving treatment which takes into account the overall stability of your bite, maximum function and optimum aesthetics. For further information regarding prosthodontics please click here.


Do I get a rebate from my health fund for my dental treatment?

Yes you do. Your health fund membership is entirely personal between you and your chosen health fund, therefore any questions regarding rebates for dental treatment should remain strictly between the patient and their health fund. We can provide you with the relevant item numbers and fee’s prior to your treatment should you wish to check this prior to commencing treatment.


Are you part of the preferred provider scheme?

No, we are not participating in the preferred provider scheme. We operate completely independently of health funds. The preferred provider schemes do not allow you to see the dental provider of your choice and do not increase your annual rebate limits regardless of who you see, preferred provider or not.

Stated in the Australian Dental Association (ADA) website, “As all members of a fund will pay identical premiums, eligibility for rebates should also be identical. To increase a rebate available to one member who chooses to use a Health fund preferred provider discriminates financially against the member who chooses to maintain a dentist patient relationship that may have existed for years. Your fund should allow you to choose your dentist. There is now evidence available that some health funds are using the opportunity of discussing written estimates of costs of treatments with their members to deliberately attempt to redirect patients to the funds’ contracted (preferred provider) dentists. This practice is discouraging patients from using their dentist of choice and may compromise the quality of care to be delivered to you.”


Can I claim my dental treatment as part of the tax offset on medical expenses?

Yes you can, providing the treatment is not carried out purely for cosmetic reasons. If necessary we can provide a report outlining the reasons for treatment. The offset is restricted to out of pocket expenses less any health fund or medicare rebates. The thresholds for how much you can claim change from year to year and are currently means tested, therefore you will need to consult with your accountant regarding the exact amounts.


Do I get any rebates from Medicare?

There are no rebates for dental treatment through Medicare. If you are having a procedure carried out under general anaesthesia, there is a rebate applicable for the anaesthetist fees. The anaesthetist can advise you further regarding the rebates.

Should you require three dimensional scans, such as a Cone Beam Scan or CT Scan, there are Medical rebates applicable for these scans which when ordered by a Prosthodontist, you are eligible directly and do not require a referral from a medical GP.  The imaging centre can advise you of the exact amounts.


What is a dental implant?

Dental implants are a titanium fixture which act as a replacement for the tooth root. The implant surface fuses with the jaw bone and acts as an anchor to support the replacement of a single tooth, multiple teeth or even a full arch of teeth, offering a fixed solution for missing or failing teeth. The dental implant restoration looks and feels much like natural teeth, most people describe the restoration as being a part of themselves, like a third dentition. For more information regarding dental implants please click here.