Restorative Implant Dentistry 1 (RID 1)

 A one day programme devoted to the restoration of single tooth implants in the aesthetic zone.  The course includes study club membership and ongoing mentorship. The course is run through Nobel Biocare, details regarding the next RID1 course can be found on the Nobel Biocare website or alternatively by contacting your Nobel Biocare representative.


Surgical Implant Dentistry 1 (SID 1)

A programme devoted to the surgical placement of single tooth implants in the aesthetic zone with the simultaneous training of auxiliaries.  The course is designed to make the practitioner fully conversant with the Single Tooth Implant at both the diagnostic and therapeutic levels.  The course includes study club membership and ongoing mentorship.

An outline of the programme will be issued upon confirmation of registration.

The next SID 1 course will be held on the 12th-14th April 2018.

The pre-requisites for attending this course are that you have completed the Restorative Implant Dentistry 1 (RID 1) course or equivalent and completion of 5 cases restoratively.

The course requirements are that you are to treat a patient surgically as part of the course.  This case must be for a single missing tooth in the upper aesthetic zone, 14 to 24.  Please ensure that the rest of the patient’s mouth is in good condition and does not require major reconstruction or periodontal work.  We will not consider immediate placement.  If the patient requires a tooth to be removed, please ensure that this is done at least 8 weeks prior to the course date to ensure adequate soft tissue healing.  The site must have good bone and not require any augmentation.  If the patient has a partial denture, please ensure that this is not gum set.  If it is, please relieve it.  You are required to submit details of two proposed patients for us to review.

Requirements for case submissions include:

  1. Study casts, Cone Beam* or CT Scan*, OPG and PA (if you have) radiographs.
  2. Photographs.
  3. A brief history of the tooth along with your proposed treatment plan.

(*For these scans a Radiographic Template must be constructed.  This template then can be converted to the Surgical Stent)

The course is run over a three day period. Your dental assistant is required to attend the whole course.

Your registration will not be confirmed unless all pre-requisites and course requirements are submitted as outlined. We have limited places available on this course, therefore, we can only accept participants that have fulfilled these requirements.

Please direct any enquiries regarding the SID 1 course to the course co-ordinator, Veronica Wilshaw, by phone (08) 9322 1223 or via email


NB: If registering online please submit prerequisites and case requirements via email, or send them through to our practice along with the study casts.